The Craft Creamery


We love ice cream. You love ice cream. It’s a household food product that hasn’t evolved much over time. The Craft Creamery not only presented a new idea- beer infused ice cream; but also an approach that was focused moreso on wholesale, than direct-to consumer.

Independent Fashion Brand

Perception is everything and when Minx NY wanted to launch higher quality products CodeSwitch was tasked with improving their brand perception. This included an emphasis on heightened visibility as well as adjusting the brand’s image to fit an uptick in prices.


We first consulted on strategy. The wholesale focus of the business determined a different approach- cojoined focus on driving relationships with potential retail outlets/partners, while simultaneously building a sense of demand within the consumer space. We utilized social media as the messaging platform of choice, but also put strong focus into creating partnership opportunities the old-fashioned way- by forging those relationships in person.


The Craft Creamery is currently on track to launch in 2017, with both wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales opportunities.