Meet: Good for People of Color

Nothing can prepare you for being confronted with an ism on the job and it’s hard to imagine if no one has ever put you in the position. However, what I’m sure everyone can agree on is that hearing “black guys have a lot of ego” from the CEO of the Dumbo start-up you’re working at or “I’m so happy we were able to give you this opportunity because other places probably wouldn’t” from the CFO of another Brooklyn start-up focused in fitness is never easy.

While there’s no way to make sure this never happens to others, there’s one company looking to do their part to help provide more choices for the People of Color who are looking in the tech space. This clip from TechCrunch helps explain how Good for PoC is doing to help.

“Founded by Amélie Lamont, the woman of color who accused Squarespace of overt racism, Catt Small and Jacky Alciné, Good for PoC is an online database that identifies good and safe tech companies for people of color. Good for PoC defines safe as “knowing your job won’t be in jeopardy because of your skin color or looks” and inclusive as “knowing you’re a welcome member of a community,” Lamont wrote on Medium.”