Codeswitching, Your Key to Marketing Success

Marketing is About Being Able to CodeSwitch

Marketers know they can’t afford to only be marketers. In today’s world, they also have to be artists, business gurus and contortionists.
With so many cultures, audience segments, demographics and clients to market to, it’s critical to be able to change your marketing language or lexicon to suit your audience. This is codeswitching, and it’s highly context dependent…just like any cutting-edge marketing tactic. Only the companies that truly master this skill will succeed in the brave new world of marketing.

Hamilton (The Musical): An Unlikely Source to Teach You About Codeswitching and Creating Interest

If you’ve already seen the (fantastic) musical, Hamilton, you’ve already received a lesson in codeswitching — even if you didn’t know it. A gripping story of crafty Alexander Hamilton who will do virtually anything to achieve his goals, this piece showcases the flexibility, creativity, and adaptability of a great marketer in action.

Codeswitching, Your Key to Success

Today, whatever doesn’t bend, breaks, and companies, individuals and enterprises who can’t bring themselves to be flexible with the industry, their audiences and their marketing strategies will find themselves shattered while others zip past them at the speed of light.
With this in mind, nurturing a mentality of codeswitching is an essential strategy for any company that aims to succeed in today’s wild and variable marketing climate.
Modern marketers and marketing teams must be many things, artists, creators, businesspeople, and innovators. It takes a unique team to foster this type of culture, and we can help you bring all the tenets of flexibility into your company.
Whether you want to connect more deeply with your audience, add a level of artistry to your products or simply boost your bottom line, our team of artist-marketers is here to help you create a new reality for your company.
Just like Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton (The Musical), you can learn to be creative enough to rise to prominence, flexible enough to cope with difficulties and innovative enough to make a name for yourself in your industry.