From Real Estate Business To Real Estate Lifestyle Brand


The real estate experience has always been an unpleasant one. The logistics of buying, selling, and renting are mindnumbing. Carte Blanche has changed this for individuals in New York City. They offer a signature Lifestyle Concierge service. The goal is to make the whole process easy, special, and pleasant.

Independent Fashion Brand

Perception is everything and when Minx NY wanted to launch higher quality products CodeSwitch was tasked with improving their brand perception. This included an emphasis on heightened visibility as well as adjusting the brand’s image to fit an uptick in prices.


Carte Blanche needed a high-end website to cater to their high-end customers. But this was just one aspect of our work with them. We also offered CMO services that helped them to communicate their lifestyle brand and implement an effective marketing strategy. Then, tied to both the branding and marketing strategy was a digital strategy and brand publishing that we created for them. The goal of these services was to draw in the right customers with methods outside of just the website design.


Carte Blanche has a website that matches their brand identity. Through it, they are able to effectively speak to their customers and illustrate to them the type of work that they do and the care and consideration that they provide to every single client.

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