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Our Leadership

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes - CodeSwitch Marketing

Rai-mon Nemar Barnes

Principal & CMO

Rai-mon has been obsessed with helping independent businesses thrive for more than 20 years. Providing exceptional leadership for agencies, brands, start-ups and publishers across a wide range of industries, he’s displayed a knack for asking the right questions. His experience executing as a big picture thinker who appreciates the little details was the catalyst for founding CodeSwitch. 

Rai-mon works tirelessly as an advocate for conscious companies and independent workers with the AIMBA and as a board member for Conscious Capitalism NYC. He is passionate about the arts, the Golden State Warriors, and artisanship.

Matt Chong

Matt Chong

Partner, Strategy

Matt is a strategic problem-solver, with over 20 years of experience in both marketing and sales. Matt’s ability to empathize with business owners stems from the fact that he’s been one himself and has played every role on the road to success.

His wide range of experience with big-brand retailers led to his own venture in owning and operating his own successful brands. He’s worked with leading organizations in industries including music, wireless/technology, and restaurants/hospitality.

Soreath Hok

Soreath Hok

Partner, Strategy & Operations

Soreath brings a wealth of content strategy and production experience to the team. She’s a 2-time Emmy nominated former TV news producer who’s used to juggling a heavy workload, tight deadlines and problem-solving for the unexpected. Her 10-year career producing live television informed her underlying approach to marketing, understanding the factors that drive media coverage and most importantly, ratings.

This experience propelled her to a career in advertising, where she used her knowledge in production to execute digital content campaigns for national brands.

Eric-Foster for CodeSwitch marketing

Eric Foster

Project Mangement & Web Development

Eric is a digital savant and educator who is passionate about empowering people with digital skills. With nearly a decade of experience working in digital publishing under his belt, Eric has become a domain expert in project management, front-end development, and content management systems. As an entrepreneur, Eric strives to create platforms for others and often works with artists, businesses, and nonprofits.

We employ strategists, creatives, and specialists so that you don’t have to.





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Our Philosophy

What Is Holistic Marketing?

The goal of using holistic marketing is to think of your business as it is, whole. Because we don’t think of your business as being digital or real-world, we focus on all the solutions at our disposal. Then we allow the team time and budget to determine what’s best, always keeping the business goals in mind.

This is the goal of CodeSwitch: to help our clients reach their objectives and empower them to reach further than they thought possible.


Why Strategy?

Tactics, plans, schedules, and teams are all essential but only one thing transcends them all and that’s strategy. Strategy is about examining the landscape both internally and externally and determining the direction, not the path.

As your marketing department and CMO, CodeSwitch is always here to make sure your company is headed toward its true north (values), so that as the landscape continues to change, your marketing remains steady.

Determine the direction, not the path.