A Smithsonian Affiliate Is Fortified In Harlem


There’s a lot of Jazz history in New York but the National Jazz Museum in Harlem is bringing it to life. The museum has reclaimed its identity by moving its location from East Harlem into the cultural and entertainment district of Central Harlem. It is also offering unique educational opportunities for a broad range of students and an engaging new membership program.

Independent Fashion Brand

Perception is everything and when Minx NY wanted to launch higher quality products CodeSwitch was tasked with improving their brand perception. This included an emphasis on heightened visibility as well as adjusting the brand’s image to fit an uptick in prices.


We provided CMO consulting services to help create comprehensive marketing, digital, and content strategies. The end goal was to develop a consistent and unique branding identity for the museum. We assisted with advertising and PPC in order to create community awareness and increase foot traffic to the museum’s website and their physical location.


The National Jazz Museum in Harlem is quickly building its membership base, as well as bringing in revenue from its education offerings, which will allow it to reach its long-term goal of finding and purchasing a permanent space in Harlem that is big enough to fully display Jazz’s contributions to society.

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