A Futurist Becomes A National Authority In Brooklyn


Fortune tellers may not really be able to see the future, but Garry Golden sure can. This academically trained Futurist has been helping clients to predict and plan for the future for years. And he has done this in myriad sectors, including talent development, infrastructure, financial services, and more. He is also currently involved in the fuelcell.io site.

Independent Fashion Brand

Perception is everything and when Minx NY wanted to launch higher quality products CodeSwitch was tasked with improving their brand perception. This included an emphasis on heightened visibility as well as adjusting the brand’s image to fit an uptick in prices.


Our goal was to help the futurist with his vision. We achieved this goal by providing Garry Golden with CMO services, especially in terms of brand publishing for fuelcells.io. We also developed a digital and search strategy that would help connect people to both Golden’s website, as well as fuelcell.io. Finally, we helped to integrate the Hubspot CRM into Golden’s business development plan.


The futurist’s future looks bright. With new insight into his business through a strong CRM, Garry Golden will be able to more effectively steer his projects. Additionally, the journalistic approach that brand publishing gives to content marketing will allow his potential clients to get a deeper view into the assistance that he can provide.

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